First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research

Scientific program

The scientific program is under development. The image shows a preliminary outline of the meeting schedule (click to enlarge).

All sessions except plenaries are colour-coded according to their subjects:

Green (sessions A, D, G, and J) = Photosynthesis: physiology, structure and mechanisms.

Yellow (Sessions B, E, H, and K) = Photosynthesis: improving crops, forests, and climate.

Blue (Sessions C, F, and L) = Solar fuels, artificial photosyntesis, and microbial photosynthetic products.


Organizing committee

Chairs: Johannes Messinger, Stenbjörn Styring

Scientific secretaries: Ann Magnuson, Fikret Mamedov

Christiane Funk, Leif Hammarström, Pia Lindberg, Wolfgang Schröder.

European program committee

Eva-Mari Aro (FI), Vincent Artero (FR), Marcella Bonchio (IT), Roberta Croce (IT), Holger Dau (DE), Giovanni Finazzi (FR),  Jeremy Harbinson (NL), Julian Hibberd (UK), Michael Hippler (DE), Stefan Jansson (SE), Poul-Erik Jensen (DK), Diana Kirilovsky (FR), Josef Komenda (CZ), Olaf Kruse (DE), Alison Smith (UK), Cornelia Spetea-Wiklund (SE), Andreas P Weber (DE), Annegret Wilde (DE), Francis-André Wollman (FR).

Advisory committee

Wim Vermaas, Richard Cogdell, James Barber, Wolfgang Junge.