First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research, ePS-1
A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium

Practical information

Meeting venue

The meeting venue is in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) located six kilometres south of central Uppsala, in an area called Campus Ultuna. It is easily accessible by bus and bicycle from hotels in the city centre. The faculties of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, and of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science are  located at Campus Ultuna.

The conference halls are in and around the main Aula in the building called "Undervisningshuset" at Undervisningsplan (street address Almas allé 10, click on the map below for a larger view).

Getting to the venue by bus from central Uppsala

City buses no. 1, 12 and 20 bound for the Ultuna campus depart from the central station in the city centre. The bus stop closest to the meeting halls is called Campus Ultuna. The venue is found by walking backwards from the bus direction, and turning right at Undervisningsplan. There is also an information board close to the bus stop.

Carl Linnaeus, "the father of modern taxonomy", was professor and rector at Uppsala University. He was one of the six founders of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Svante Arrhenius, Swedish chemist notable for the Arrhenius equation, was the first to calculate the temperature changes inflicted by carbon dioxide emissions. Arrhenius studied at Uppsala University and is buried in the Uppsala old cementery.

Hammarby is a farm estate outside Uppsala, where Carl Linnaeus spent the summers together with his family. It is now a museum reflecting Linnaeus' private life and scientific work. An enjoyable piece of science history, and the perfect visit while in Uppsala.